Sketch/Journal Class with Rod Kennedy

Hey everyone, we are planning a sketching/journal class on Saturday the 4th of February, from 9:00 to 4:30 PM, with Rod Kennedy. Please mark your calendars and come have a fun day of sketching. Please tell your friends.

To register, call 307-337-5484.
Sketch class list, cost and description: Cost $20 for members/$25 for non-members
Class Title:

Sketching Memories, A guide for making memories through a sketchbook.

Our modern world is fast paced. Through technology we take more pictures than our ancestors could ever imagine.
If you’re tired of recording the world around you through snapshots and video clips join Art on the Go for a one day workshop on sketch booking presented by Rod Kennedy.

This course is not about “making art” or “selling art” but taking the time to carefully observe and record memories that will last a lifetime.

Required Materials:
✦ A Sketchbook, either 8×5” or 7×10”. Landscape or portrait orientation doesn’t matter. Mixed media will probably be best to start with that way you can use whatever media suits your needs.
✦ A pencil with an eraser. Mechanical pencils are fine.
✦ 3 micron pens in sizes 01, 03 and 05. Generic are fine.
✦ An open mind and willingness to have fun.

Optional Materials
✦ A small watercolor set (small enough to fit into your pocket)
✦ A water brush or a small brush and jar for water (if using watercolors)
✦ Set of colored pencils (water color pencils work great too)

Topics will include:
✦ Materials
✦ Careful Observing
✦ Sketching not drawing
✦ Adding Text
✦ Letting go.