Brenda Short

After a successful career in Real Estate, I felt like I really needed to make a change in my life. I returned to the love that I had back in my youth, and that was art. I really like painting miniature paintings, along with a variety of other things, including pottery. In 2020, when Covid was running rampant, I began painting on Tea Bags as a canvas. This was especially challenging, but just as rewarding. If there is anything that catches your eye, you can email me at


Guache and Watercolor on Tea Bag

Framed and Matted in an 8×10 frame w/museum glass

Small Indulgence

Watercolor on Tea Bag

Framed and Matted in a 5×7 frame w/museum glass

Trout Mug

Hand thrown, hand painted pottery. Buy them individually or by the set.

Bison Coffee Set

Decanter holds approximately 1 qt of your favorite beans or ground coffee. Mugs are 12 oz mugs.