About Us

Art on The Go, was established in 2021 as a venue for the growing Artist Community around Casper, Wyoming, with a goal to grow and nurture artists of all types.

Art on The Go will bring the work of local Artists, who can add beauty and culture, to your event, or public space.

Our art is available in various venues in Casper, as well as in our newly created Gallery Space, located in the Best Western motel, just south of Interstate 25, at the Center Street Interchange.

The Gallery gives local Artists a place to display and sell their work, as well as offering educational opportunities to hone an Artist’s skills.

Art on The Go sponsors several events each year, one of those being Art in The Park. A very successful Art in The Park in 2021 will be followed by Art in The Park 2022. Held at Mike Sedar Park in Casper, vendors are already reserving spots for this fun August 27th event. You may sign up for this opportunity to show and sell your work by clicking on the “Art in The Park” link on this website.

Art on The Go is made possible by the support if its members, as well as generous donations from those seeking to see the art community grow and thrive. If you would like to donate to Art on The Go, please submit your donation through the “Donate” button coming soon to our Home Page.

If you have questions about Art on The Go, please use the “Contact us” button on the Home Page. We would love to hear from you!